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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Countdown: 3 Months..

This is what I find today...

Ouch...!! Should I start to get worry...?? Becoz there are many things to do that still not well-prepared and unfinished yet.. *facepalm

But... maybe I have to keep my exciting feeling on.. :D
Can't wait for my next plane home on the next eight days, so I can do and prepare and fix the unfinished stuff.
Yeaaaa.. *\(^~^)/* Wish me luck!!



Annisa mulia said...

Awwwe... so sweet..
I read some post of your wedding preparation.
Semoga lancar ya ^^

Afriana Kartikasari said...

hello dear,
amiinn..thank you for visiting my blog yaa.. :))

Annisa mulia said...

Sama-sama, mba ^^
Following you now, If you don't mind, you can follow me too.. Hehehe :D